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Please note: The accessible version is for the visually impaired. It features a built-in screen reader, so turn off any screen-reading applications before clicking the Accessible button.

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A new online orientation for RTG students will open on October 16 at 8:00 a.m.. You will receive information at a later time on how to access the new online orientation.


If you complete the existing online orientation prior to October 16 at 8:00 a.m., YOU WILL NOT receive credit for the orientation.

Which version of orientation would you like to complete?

How to navigate the online orientation:

Sign on to create your account. Creating an account will allow you to exit the orientation if you can't complete it in one sitting and return to finish later. It also tracks your performance so you can get matriculation credit for completing orientation

If you are taking Orientation for matriculation credit, you must sign on and create an account.

If you want to view the orientation as an online information resource, use the Guest button to sign on.

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Complete the Knowledge Gap Assessment survey. This survey is intended to measure your existing knowledge of student services and campus life. You will be asked to complete the survey again at the end of orientation in order to measure the knowledge you gained as a result of going through orientation.

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Choose and complete each orientation segment from the Main Menu. A check mark will identify which segments you've completed and which remain to be viewed.

You will encounter Checks on Learning embedded within each content segment. You must answer these questions correctly in order to be given credit for completing the segment. Answer the question incorrectly and you will have to view the segment again.

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Some screens provide additional content by clicking on highlighted text. You are encouraged to click each item and view all the content.

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Use the screen navigation to move your way through each segment. There are Back and Next buttons and buttons to return to the Main Menu or check your Progress.

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